Mentoring at Work

We believe apprenticeships and job placements are the ideal place for young people to receive mentoring. As a manager or supervisor of an apprentice you get to spend a lot of time around them in an environment that will bring out a lot of different aspects of that persons character and personality.

You can’t mentor someone without having an understanding of what drives them or demotivates them. Speech Inspired work with students, to create tailored career development plans. Our aim is to identify each individual’s true passion and skill sets and match that with an industry and role, which will allow them to fulfil their future goals. We create realistic plans which are coherent with their end goal. We explore career possibilities in great depths for the young people we work with, to gain a real understanding of the pros and cons behind their career choice. We focus on the ideology of working from the bottom up and using certain roles simply as stepping stones to eventually reach their dream destination.